Altostra Orb for CircleCI

Introducing the new Altostra Orb for CircleCI to easily deploy cloud applications
Yossi Ittach

December 22 2020 · 3 min read


Altostra Orb for CircleCI

Altostra Orb on CircleCI

A few weeks ago, we wrote about integrating Altostra into your CircleCI pipeline. Today we are happy to announce that we have partnered with CircleCI to bring you better integration. You can now use the shiny, brand new, Altosra Orb.

What's an Orb?

CircleCI defines orbs as:

"Packages of configuration that you can import by name or configure inline to simplify your config, then share and reuse across projects."

In simpler words, you no longer need to install the Altostra CLI and shell commands to integrate with your Altostra account. The commands are already available as part of the Orb.

How does it work?

To integrate with your Altostra account, all you need to do is add the Altostra orb declaration below your version entry in your CircleCI config file:

version: 2
  altostra-orb: altostra/altostra-orb@1.0.0

That's it. Now you can start using the Altostra commands. This sample pipeline will deploy the currently built version directly to the myInstance instance in your Dev environment:

version: 2.1
  altostra-orb: altostra/altostra-orb@1.0.0

      - image: cimg/node:12.19
      - checkout
      - altostra-orb/setup
      - altostra-orb/deploy:
          instance-name: "myInstance"
          env-name: "Dev"

Available Commands

The available commands are:

  • setup : Install and authenticate with Altostra.
  • push : Push a new image of the current project
  • deploy-version: Deploy the current project from an existing image
  • deploy: Push and deploy the current project

You can read more about how to use the orb and the commands at the Altostra Orb page, or in our documentation

Talk to us

Using the Altostra Orb and want to share feedback, improvement suggestions, or have a question? We'd be happy to hear from you at

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