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[VIDEO] How Altostra and CircleCI collaboration creates a better and faster development experience with CI/CD automation

Learn how to accelerate cloud adoption with CircleCI and Altostra’s No-Code Infrastructure Platform.
Yossi Ittach

March 10 2021 · 40 min watch


IaC languages like CloudFormation have made cloud management more efficient at scale, but have also added layers of complexity and more risk for human error. To get to market fast, developers need to accelerate software delivery while ensuring quality. CircleCI’s industry-leading CI/CD platform seamlessly integrates with Altostra’s no-code infrastructure to simplify cloud application development, leaving no room for error.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Transform IaC to no-code infrastructure
  • Fix and deploy changes in complex services in minutes
  • Integrate Altostra into your CircleCI pipelines
  • Use best practices for CI/CD and cloud development

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