Enable your developers to do ops like pros

Ops can create bottlenecks that slow down the development lifecycle. Help your team to get ahead by giving them the tools they need to do ops like pros - You build it. You run it.
Gal Zabib

June 14 2021 · 4 min read


Enable your developers to do ops like pros

Software teams often find themselves having to do Ops work. For example, this Reddit thread spun into a discussion about the best way to deal with this need. The dilemma these teams face is how to do Ops work while also working on the software itself.

Let’s say you manage a team of 5 developers working on an app with a backend hosted on AWS. Operating that infrastructure requires AWS knowledge, tools and time. Not to mention, you also have to maintain your CI/CD and other Ops tasks.

So what do you do? What options do you have to solve this problem? As always, it depends.

You could hire a full-time DevOps engineer. A dedicated person with the right skillset and experience focused on infrastructure and CI/CD is a valuable addition to your team. On the other hand, another engineer may not fit in your budget, may take a long time to hire, and you may not even have enough work for them to fill in a full-time job anyway.

You could hire a consultant. Having a skillful and experienced person available for ad-hoc work you don’t have to train is convenient. However, you have to consider that the consultant may not be readily available and will make your team depend on an external resource with all the knowledge about your infrastructure.

The third option, which we adopted internally at Altostra, is to enable our software engineers to do Ops work themselves. On average, they divide their time each sprint into 80% software and 20% Ops. As a result, everyone knows the infrastructure, and there’s always someone who can tackle a production issue.

It’s all about the tools

Whatever option you opt for, which may not even be listed here, you should make sure to establish a good base for your software (not an exhaustive list):

  • Automation – be able to deploy your infrastructure and code multiple times from scratch, producing the same results.
  • Observability – have eyes on your system, reduce monitoring noise, and give proper attention to every production alert.
  • Tooling – give your team the best tools to develop, debug and operate your software.

From all of the above, we strongly believe that tooling is the most important. It applies to infrastructure, applies to code, and applies to any other aspect of software development. By picking the right tools, you can shift left Ops work more efficiently and with less friction from the team.

Let Altostra help

Altostra helps design and deploy better cloud infrastructure. Using the Altostra visual drag-n-drop designer, you can quickly build and review infrastructure. Using the Altostra CLI and Web Console, you can manage your environments across multiple accounts and regions to deploy your applications as many times as you need, with different configurations, policies and 3rd party service integrations.

Altostra helps your team shift left and automate Ops responsibilities with tools that make it easy for software engineers to operate while keeping DevOps in control. You can use Altostra’s built-in team collaboration to manage a team account that includes your software engineers, DevOps engineers and external consultants.

We’ve compiled a list of articles from our blog to help you achieve better infrastructure design and operation:





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Out of the box solutions






The shift-left mentality around DevOps, where developers take part in various Ops tasks, is reaching more teams and developers start to take part in the responsibilities around the operation of the software they produce. It’s no longer just code and forget but rather a shared responsibility model.

The biggest question around that model is how we can help our software engineers do Ops work without taking too much time or gaining expertise with DevOps technologies? Our answer: give them the tools to succeed.

Next steps

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Happy coding!

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