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Frequently Asked Questions

What are projects?
A project in Altostra is equivalent to your application git repository.
What are project instances?
A project instance is a deployed project with a unique set of configuration to a specific environment. Deploying to the same instance will override the latest version.
How many instances can I create per project?
You can create as many instances of a project as you wish.
What defines an environment?
An environment in Altostra is a combination of a cloud provider account, a region, and a set of parameters. You can enforce policies on environments, for example, auto delete projects after a certain amount of time.
Are there limits on deployments, projects and environments?
There are no limits on how many environments, projects and instances you can create and manage with Altostra.
Can I import existing projects to Altostra?
Import is a premium feature where you can instantly bring your own stacks and start leveraging your cloud management.
Is working with Altostra locking me to the solution?
Absolutely not. You can compile your projects to a cloud-native language (for example CloudFormation) anytime and manage your projects from your cloud provider. We want you to use Altostra by choice and not by force.
Which payment methods are supported?
We accept credit card payments through Stripe processing. Enterprise plans can be purchased with a purchase order.
What is the difference between Developer plan and Team plan?
The Developer Plan was built for the individual developer and is intended for personal use. Once you grow and need to collaborate your work you can upgrade to Team Plan and add as many team members as you wish.
What if I have some other question?
We'd be happy to answer it. Please contact our support team.

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